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Xpel Paint Protection Film

XPEL Technologies provides a wide range of products for automotive protection, its flagship product Xpel Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film, is a polyurethane-based film for paint protection. Other products like ceramic coatings and window tints are also available under one of the fastest growing brand names on the market.

Xpel paint protection film


Xpel Ultimate Paint Protection Film is a polyurethane sheet that maintains the original appearance of your vehicle's paint while protecting it from chips and stones on the road, scratches and environmental pollution.

Xpel Ultimate foil will get you driving a new car every day by protecting your vehicle from:

  • scratches.

  • rocks and debris in the road.

  • insect acids.

  • bird droppings.

  • environmental pollutants.

Learn more about how Xpel films can better protect and keep your car looking new for much longer.

Xpel Paint Protection Film coverage

Where to buy?

You can purchase Xpel Paint Protection by linear feet or by rolls directly from us. Contact us and receive the protection you deserve

Contact a certified installer, who will provide you with the correct preparation, installation and sealing of Xpel Ultimate.

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